New Directions

While this blog site was the first WordPress site I started it was immediately superseded by my other one,—now I decided to activate it.

These past few years I have been commenting more on other blogs and forums and thought an active site of my own could serve to collect some of the comments in one place as well as allow me to comment on reality myself, without piggybacking off others’ observations.

My comments elsewhere have generally been contrarian and progressive; materialist more than spiritual, although with considerable influence from Buddhist and Taoist thought as well as modern physics.

I’m not ready to post a full Realization at the moment as I’m without my own computer, which crashed last Sunday, and I’m not comfortable with this loaned laptop while I wait to find out how much of my life that had been stored on the old desktop has survived.

Just one observation to get things going. Any argument based solely on linear causality is inherently faulty, since the state of linear causality is a special case under general systems theory. If you doubt this, look at chaos theory, or read Joanna Macy’s excellent discussion in “Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory”. One cause for one effect is impossible.


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