Adding the Iskander novels

Arrival is chronologically the first novel in the Iskander stories, and can be found at

Cover Image of Arrival

Cover Image of Arrival

This new Gisel Matah story is a prequel to the novels about her adventures as a young security officer on a 1700s world. This starts with the arrival of the starship Iskander at the alternate Earth called Gaia, when Gisel is just a sixteen year old starship brat from Mumbai. In a hectic few months of activity she participates in two military actions, learns something of shipbuilding, galleon style, and meets knights, nobles, and has an audience with a king.

Readers of the series may wonder how the crew of experts aboard Iskander managed to get themselves into so many jams during their first few years on the planet. Their people have to be protected from attack and abduction; they are embroiled in a war in the country where they establish their settlement; and the Trigon Empire is their deadly enemy. “Arrival” shows that these stemmed from the precarious situation they were in at arrival and how everything developed from those first few attempts at finding a place in the world, when they were the aliens from space.


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